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Dream Achievers Academy provides various online trainings to help you achieve your personal and professional dreams.

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No matter how big your dream, with our private and group coaching services you can make impossible possible.

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Let us motivate your audience to take action and fulfill the goals that you have in mind at both personal and organizational levels.

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Check out our product and services that can help you reflect on your life, assess your needs, solve your issues, and achieve you dreams.

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What could happen when you know and share your signature story?

In my previous post, I explained why it is important to know your signature story. Now you may ask: “What could happen when I know my signature story?”. Well, many good things could […]

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Why It Is Important to Know Your Signature Story

In the previous post, I defined signature story and why everyone has a unique story to tell. Now the question is whether we should care about our signature story or not. My answer […]

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Signature Story Defined

Several years ago I thought I did not have much to share with others. I thought I had an ordinary life like most people. I thought there was nothing special about me that […]

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Announcing Signature Story Blog Posts

It’s been a while that I’ve been thinking of writing a new book and developing some training on self realization and personal development. Finally I chose the topic of Signature Story!
I believe […]

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All problems are people problems. Leadership Soup shows you how to solve not only your problems but also help other people solve their problems through authentic leadership. Get your copy of this international award-winning book by Kamran Akbarzadeh today.

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Business Treasure Map Training

If you want to know how to take yourself and your business to the next level of success, this comprehensive video training with great some amazing bonuses is a must.