7 Signs of Faithful Leaders

Faith is one of the cornerstones of authentic leadership. Together with energy and vision, they form the leadership triangle. Faith is about believing no matter how difficult situations are. It is about having full trust in the self, in others, and in the Source. Faith has an important role in an authentic leader’s life. Without faith, trust is a strange word. Without faith leadership is not complete. Having faith helps the leader move forward by giving him/her the confidence he/she needs to take risks and trust the invisible. It helps the leader see the final destination clearly without being bothered by obstacles.

You may ask how a true faithful leader can be recognized. You may also ask how others would see you as a leader who is truly faithful. The following are 7 signs of faithful leaders. These signs can help you distinguish those leaders who have faith in the Self, in others, and in the Source.

They embrace change

Faithful leaders are change agents. They embrace change without being worried about the outcomes because they have full trust in the process and are sure that everything will be alright. To these leaders the word ‘can’ (we can do this) has no meaning. To them ‘will’ (we will do this) and ‘must’ (we must do this) are the right words. They take the word ‘sometimes’ (I am sometimes hopeful) and its synonyms out of their dictionary. They only use ‘always’ (I am always hopeful) and its synonyms in their vocabulary.

They stay strong and unshakable

Leaders who are faithful do not breakdown during tough times. They stay strong and unshakable even in the face of the wildest storms and the strongest earthquakes. To them everything happens for a reason. They take full responsibility for what happens in their personal and professional lives. They see the Source as their ultimate guide and are not attached to anyone or anything. They are always hopeful and make others hopeful as well.

They have a strong presence

Since they are detached, faithful leaders have strong presence and live at the moment. As such, their souls shine out and create a very powerful yet peaceful and vibrant energy around them. By radiating their powerful, positive, and peaceful energy to the outside world, they attract other souls to cherish their presence, follow them, and listen to what they have to say.

They follow God’s vision not people’s opinions

God has a great vision for humanity. He is the Leader of all leaders. Faithful leaders look up to the Source for guidance. They follow His vision and do their best to fulfill it. They patiently listen to people and their opinions. However, if their opinions are not in line with God’s vision they do not follow them. This may sound strange but to the leaders who are soul-conscious and spiritual this is the absolute truth.

They have strong will power

Another sign of leaders who are faithful is that they have a powerful mind and because of that they have strong will power. When they decide to do something they focus and do not give up until they get the job done. They do their bests and leave the rest to the Source because they have faith in themselves and the Source. Their will power and their faith in others will draw others to join them in getting the job done together.

They are truthful and trustworthy

Faithful leaders are honest. They say the truth in any situation. They do not play politics. As such, others may take advantage of them but they will not go far because truth always wins although it may take some time. Since these leaders are truthful they become worthy of full trust and people believe in them and follow them.

Their thoughts, words, and actions are the same

Integrity is one of the biggest signs of leaders who are truly faithful. They have integrity in their thoughts, words, and actions. They say what they think and they do what they say they will do. Their integrity is not limited to their career but also to their family, friends, and community. Truly faithful leaders are symbol of integrity in leadership.

So, remember the seven signs of faithful leaders: They embrace change; they stay strong and unshakable; they have a strong presence; they follow God’s vision; they have strong will power; they are truthful and trustworthy; and their thoughts, words, and actions are the same.

Kamran Akbarzadeh, PhD, PMP, CDC
Founder of Dream Achievers Academy
Author of Leadership Soup

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