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Who Will Cry When You Die?

Three years ago, I read a book by Robin Sharma with the title “Who Will Cry When You Die”. The title really struck me. It made me think and ask myself: Am I ready to die? Who will really cry if I die tomorrow? Am I really satisfied with what I have done in my […]

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Transform black holes to power pools!

In this fast forwarding world, there are many black holes that drain our energies. The human beings are in a great spiritual debt which is the cause of all suffering in the world. The only way to get out of this debt is to rediscover our inner powers, apply them, and settle our karmic accounts. […]

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The Diamond Island

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When I was a kid, I had a big question: Why was I born in a small town? When I grew up, I had an even bigger question: Why was I born anyway? What is my purpose here on the earth? I used to ask the first question because as a kid I was comparing […]

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We are very excited that the Dream Achievers Academy website is going to launch soon. We hope that we can help many Dream Achievers achieve their dreams!

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