Highly Interactive and Innovative Workshops and Trainings, Where Active, Lively and Fun Audience Participation Is the Norm

In this challenging economy, many businesses have their backs to the wall and there are high levels of stress among company executives and managers. High expectations, low job satisfaction, low productivity, tight budgets, elevated competition, and an unclear future are some of the factors that have raised the stress level. What is the solution?

Regardless of the size or structure of your business, it is no longer good enough to be a director, manager, or supervisor. Today, employees in these positions must develop their leadership potential. Increasingly, high performing organizations are recognizing this and are investing in the future by developing skilled leaders who are able to address the multiple challenges that businesses are up against. As such, leadership training is essential for every business that wants to develop the potential of its people so that the business can survive and thrive in the current business climate.

In Dream Achievers Academy we deliver targeted training opportunities designed to address your needs and complement/enhance the leadership skills in your organization. We provide half-day to full-day workshops as well as one- to 3-day trainings. Our workshops and trainings are a truly unique experience for your participants. There is a great deal of participation in the learning process, which makes for a high retention of the information learned. There are stories, real life experiences, group exercises, games and more. We make sure that the participants are engaged from the beginning to the end. You’ll be amazed at the value you receive from any of our workshop and training programs. The level of inspiration and empowerment your group will experience is unsurpassed.

Our leadership trainings help individuals and teams:

  • Build strong leadership skills
  • Increase initiative in problem solving
  • Enhance effective communication and collaboration
  • Overcome challenges and attain long lasting success
  • Discover how to create lasting behavior change
  • Become more self-conscious, self-confident, and self-inspired
  • Finish the blame game and take ownership
  • Acquire the right tools, techniques, and strategies for growth and success
  • Take action and implement the necessary changes
  • Attain productivity, profit, and prosperity
  • Replace stress, doubt, and fear with peace, confidence, and trust
  • Create inspiring relationships with themselves and those around them
  • And much more

Call now for a complementary assessment of your needs and objectives for trainings on leadership and organizational success. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!