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As you know, the world is going through a major shift and along with that, the world’s economy is being impacted. The changes in economy conditions have caused many people to lose their jobs around the world.

I am sure that you know at least one person who has lost his or her job recently. I know some friends who have not been able to find a suitable job for the last 1 to 2 years. It’s strange, isn’t it?

Being unemployed can be a difficult chapter of your life, and figuring out what to do can be overwhelming.

Today, I want to share with you 5 things to do if you have lost your job and have not been able to find one that you deserve.

By following these 5 steps you will be on your way to landing not only a dream job but also building a career that lasts.


1. Reflect

I firmly believe in the power of reflection for understanding challenges and overcoming them. I almost always start my training and coaching programs with reflection.

We need to reflect on the past in order to understand what is going on, where we are, and how far we have come. Many of us move through life without slowing down and learning from the past, which is why we make the same mistakes over and over.

So if you have lost your job, this is the best time to sit quietly and reflect back in order to uncover the core causes. You need to learn the lesson behind being laid off.

By simply ignoring this fact and blaming the economy or your past employer nothing would be resolved. If you do not learn the lesson why you were laid off, you may experience similar circumstances again in future.

I know some friends who have lost their jobs a few times and every time they say, “Why me?”

By reflecting back, you will be able to uncover the true reason. There is something internal you have to figure out.

Having said that, if you are attached to the past, you might get stuck in the past and therefore you might not be able to move forward. Reflection without attachment to the past is necessary if you want to keep yourself on track, and know where you are and where you are heading.

It helps you understand how satisfied you are with your life!

In reflection, you:

– Look into the mirror of your heart,

– Do a reality check,

– Determine your current level,

– Appreciate how far you have come,

– Ask yourself why you lost your job without blaming anyone or anything,

– Discover your limiting beliefs related to the job loss,

– List what makes you happy and what makes you upset about the job you had,

– Connect the dots to see the big picture.

Reflection is necessary for the next step of the process.


2. Accept

The next step is to simply accept the outcome of the Reflect step. If you have done a good job in the Reflect step, you should have a good idea about why you lost your job, your limiting beliefs, and the lessons you have learned.

Despite this awareness, we often do not fully accept what is true.

When we pass the information through our mind filter or intellect, it accepts some of that information and rejects the rest.

The issue is that what has to be accepted and acted upon is often rejected because our ego kicks in and does not let us accept them. It links them to our bad experiences, hardships, and pains in the past, and makes us feel bad or scared.

We even tend not to apply and practice what we accepted as beneficial.

In order to get out of your ego trap, you want to be fully open, accept your current situation, and be willing to move on. Accept your limiting beliefs, address your inner challenges, and look for ways to transform your shortcomings and limiting beliefs into strengths and empowering beliefs.

You should accept the fact that you have some strengths that others might not have. Being aware of your strengths and accepting them can open opportunities for landing your dream job or even starting your own business.

3. Investigate

Once you overcome the Acceptance hurdle and accept the truth about yourself and your challenge for finding a suitable job, you need to do some research and investigate strategies for success.

You also need to investigate which strategies are right for you. This step requires some time and effort.

Successful completion of this step is crucial for finding the right job and building your career. Your action items for the next step of the process are the direct results of this step.

The more effort and positive energy you put into this step, the better results you will get.

In this step, you find answers to questions like:

How does my best job ever (dream job) look like?

What do I really like to do that makes me happy?

What kind of job fulfills me internally?

If I want to take my success to the next level, what sort of position should I look for or accept?

If I could find my dream job without any issue, how would that job look like? What position would I take?

What sort of work environment would I like to have?

What kind of relationship do I want to have with my manager and colleagues?

What kind of company would I love to work for?

If I wanted to change my career path, what kind of career would I choose that makes me happier?

How much income do I want to have?

If I want to change the field or industry in which I work, what industry would I choose and why?

What can I do to make my resume and qualifications stronger?

What changes can I make in myself that make me a stronger candidate for the type of jobs I have in mind?

What tools and resources do I need to equip myself with in order to get the dream job for me?

What new skills do I need to acquire in order to land myy dream job?

If I had my ideal life, how would my career and day to day activities look like?

What will I do differently if I find my dream job today so that that I keep my dream job and achieve more success?

What are the top 3 action steps I should take to get my best job ever?

Answering these questions and doing some research and investigation around them will help you find the direction you want your career to go.


4. Respond

The 4th step is to take prompt action and respond to the findings in the Investigate step. Your response should be prompt and positive.

No matter how well you do the previous three steps, if you don’t respond properly, you will not get much out of this process. You will not be able to get out of your job loss challenge.

You might stay stuck. Or if you find a job, you may lose it again with more challenging consequences.

Our dreams and visions become fantasies if we do not do anything about them.

Most of the time we know what is good for us. We know what we want. We know what is missing that we do not find the job we are looking for.

We know what actions we need to take in order to get the job we want. We know what changes we should make in order to fill the gaps.

But we choose to do nothing. We just sit and wait. We procrastinate and delay taking action.

So it is critical to come up with some action items for yourself and a plan for fulfilling those action items based on your answers to the questions in the previous step.

In the next video, I will provide you some strategies on how to respond properly, attract wonderful job opportunities, and get your dream job.

5. Trust

The last step of the process is to boost your self-confidence by trusting yourself and the process. You have done your best in the previous four steps and now it is time to leave the rest to the universe.

Your job in this step is to stay positive and imagine the best outcome possible. In order to do that you need to have a positive self-talk.

For instance, tell yourself: “I am fully ready for my dream job”, “I will succeed in finding the best job for me”, “I am very confident in my accomplishments and qualifications”, “the best job opportunities come on my way”, “I choose to stay happy and hopeful”, “I trust the process because I know that the best is waiting for me”.

When you shift your focus from what may look impossible to what is possible, you will increase your chances of success in accomplishing what you have aimed for. So aim high and trust that you will get there soon!

I believe that if you follow these 5 steps you will be able to remove the blockages on your way to finding a job that suits you well, one that you can call your dream job!

I hope you enjoyed watching this video. Now go ahead and take action. I appreciate if you LIKE and Share this video blog so that it can reach others.

If you have not registered for my free training series on how to get what you want, you can go to getwhatyouwantfast.com/training for instant access.

Until next time, live the life of your dream and make a difference consistently.

Kamran Akbarzadeh, PhD
Founder of Dream Achievers Academy

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