Do you feel “stuck” in your life no matter how much you try? If yes, I can help you get “unstuck” with my Dream Express Coaching Process so that you position yourself on the right track to the peak of success!

Do you want to make a significant personal or professional change in your life but something always seems to hold you back from taking the necessary action steps to make it happen?

I understand.

After all, we live in a very fast-paced, stressful world. You have so many commitments, so many responsibilities and so many things that you do for others that it’s easy to put your own dreams and desires on the back burner.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

With me by your side as your personal coach, some amazing things will happen:

  • You will get in touch with your purpose, passion, dreams, and hopes
  • You will have some much-needed aid in overcoming your fears and doubts
  • You will have real support in taking the necessary steps, week by week, day by day for getting what you really want
  • You will have a listener who will ask clarifying questions and challenge your assumptions
  • You will start to dream bigger than ever while continuing to do the important things you say you will do in order to have the precious things you say you want

Above all, you will get “unstuck” so that you position yourself on the right track to the peak of success!

If this sounds like something you’d like to pursue, then let’s arrange for a Complimentary Dream Express Coaching Session.

As your coach, I help you know yourself better, upgrade your belief system, overcome your top challenge that is stopping from moving forward, get “unstuck”, and as a result get what you want in your life faster.

Please Note: I’m looking for ideal clients. YOU are my ideal client if you are willing to grow, take actions, and accomplish your goals and dreams. Over the last several years I have helped many people just like you to take their hands out of their pockets and climb their ladder of success. I want to help you too. If you’re committed to YOUR success and want to go through your ultimate success process, let’s talk. It’s YOUR time!

Now, it is up to you to decide for your future. Click here for more information and to arrange for a complimentary consultation session with no strings attached.

When I first started having meetings with Kamran, I wasn’t sure what to expect and the direction which I was going in. Kamran was very professional. He was very supportive in the path that I was on.

After a few meetings, I had a good idea that I had to follow my passion and he made me realize that if I didn’t, I would never really be happy with where I was at.
One thing that I will always remember was a question that I answered in the first assignments. It asked me “On my final day of all days in life, what was one thing thing that you were most happy about in life when it came to accomplishments”? Well… I sat there and couldn’t think of anything that I accomplished that I was happy about. This is when I turned the page because now I am on a new journey and that is going back to school (as a manteau student). Instead of talking about Human Resources and working in this career, I am now doing something about it. I am dedicated to going to school and getting a diploma. Yes, two years and I will be working in the field that I always wanted. This was all because of Kamran who put me on the path of finding my real purpose in life.
I want to thank Mr. Kamran Akbarzadeh for his support, understanding and most of all his passion in helping people find their calling in life and not to ever give up on your dreams!
– Anita Padlesky, Edmonton, Canada