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Are you tired of boring speakers, low quality speeches, or routine ordinary topics?

Are you looking for a professional and motivational speaker who delivers top quality keynotes and seminars?

Do you want your audience to become motivated and take action right away toward achieving success?

If your answer to at least one of the above questions is yes, then count on Kamran Akbarzadeh, founder of Dream Achievers Academy and author of two award winning books, Leadership Soup and Get What You Want. As a motivational speaker with years of experience in the corporate world and a successful entrepreneur, Kamran knows how to connect with his audience, equip them with profound tools & techniques, and clear their doubts and fears toward achieving long term success. No matter how big or how small your events are, Kamran’s unique approach will create a positive momentum that will motivate your audience to take necessary action and move forward.

Here is the list of speaking and training topics that I can deliver:

Kamran’s topics include:

Leadership Soup for Excellence: Recipe for a unique and authentic leadership style through which you can successfully lead others and fan the flames of ambition and achievement within your organization, where people want to belong.

Success Toolbox: Equipping you and your team with the right tools for removing blocks on your way to remarkable levels of long lasting success.

Blueprint of Achievers: Upgrade your blueprint to achieve success at its highest level.

Dream Achievers Roadmap: A roadmap through which you can discover your true north and transform your dreams and visions to concrete realities.

Beyond the Blame at Work: Learn how to develop the culture of authentic leadership within your organization where everyone is accountable without blaming others.

Watch the BALL: Four effective strategies for achieving excellence in what you do.

Vision Alive: Tools and techniques for keeping your organization’s vision alive and making it a reality.

ABCD of Success: The ultimate formula for achieving success both at home and at work.

From Success to Significance: Why success is not enough and how to move from achieving success to living a life of significance that leads to happiness and fulfillment.

A Customized Topic for You: Let us know your needs, your objectives, and the message you want to convey. We will tailor a high quality and out-of-the-ordinary topic just for you and your audience. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Please contact us for more details.