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In my previous video post, I shared with you a 5-step process for overcoming your unemployment challenge and moving toward finding your dream job and building a great career.

In this video post, I’d like to expand on the Respond step and help you take the right action toward accomplishing your desired outcome for landing the job that you deserve.

My secret sauce of success for achieving any goal including securing your dream job is composed of four elements. I often call this secret sauce, the ABCD of success. These four elements include:

Action, Belief, Clarity, and Discipline.


Action for Dream Job

My recommended strategies for taking the right and prompt Action include:

Plan Ahead:

Without a plan, you have no roadmap to see which routes can take you to your final destination (your dream job) faster. Planning ahead is an important aspect of finding your dream job.

Develop Your Skills:

Make yourself more marketable to potential employers by adding a few new yet in demand skills to your resume. For instance, you may attend a seminar on leadership to develop your people and decision-making skills.

Customize Your Resume:

Make sure to revise your resume based on the keywords in the description of the position you apply for and the list of qualifications and responsibilities the employer is looking for.

Get Online:

Remember to be active online especially in discussions in LinkedIn groups relevant to the field you’d love to be hired in.


Start reaching out to the people in your professional network. Let them know you are actively looking for a new job, and see if they have any connections.


Belief in Dream Job

My recommended strategies for boosting your Belief in yourself and your desired outcome include:

Build Confidence:

In order to build confidence, you need to upgrade your mindset. Change your “I can’t” and “It’s hard” mantras to “I can” and “Everything is possible” mantras.

Stay Positive:

Believe it or not, positive self-talk is like a magic pill that makes impossible possible. And remember to celebrate your success no matter how small it is to stay positive.

Upgrade Your Belief System:

The core cause for a job loss and not finding a better one typically lies in the belief system. In order to upgrade your belief system, try to frame things in the positive.


Let go of the way life should have gone. Resisting the job loss causes more pain.

Stay Away from Negative People:

If you surround yourself with negative people, you will be impacted by their negativity. By sticking around optimistic people, you will get yourself out of the victim and blame moods and develop a positive attitude that boosts your self-belief and increases your chances of getting hired for your dream job.


Clarity on Dream Job

My recommended strategies for increasing clarity on the dream job you are looking for include:


The clearer you are in your mind about what you want, the faster you can get there.


In order to get clearer on the job you are looking for, define it in as detailed as possible.


If you want to get clear on what you truly want as your dream job, meditation can definitely help.


Discipline toward Dream Job

My recommended strategies for getting more disciplined to land your dream job faster include:

Forget multi-tasking:

If finding your dream job is your highest priority now, focus on it deeply and do not distract yourself with other unimportant things until you find the job you want.


It is important that you discipline yourself in doing physical exercise regularly so that you not only stay fit and energized but also detach yourself from what is going and invite new opportunities to come on your way.

Replace Your Bad Habits with Good Ones:

Discipline yourself in replacing your bad habits with good ones so that you guarantee the results you are looking for whether it is finding a better job, having more income, or building a dream career.

Don’t Procrastinate:

Discipline yourself to go the extra mile and take the necessary action right away. It is worth the effort.

In sum, being unemployed is tough. It’s not something anyone really wants to have to deal with when they’ve got bills to pay. And when you keep sending out resumes, going to interviews, and getting overlooked for positions you feel you were a good fit for, it can be discouraging.

But be patient with yourself and the job-hunting process. Follow the ABCD of success and the response strategies that I shared with you for the best outcome. Remember to stay focused on the dream job you are looking for. As Norman Vincent Peale said, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Kamran Akbarzadeh, PhD
Founder of Dream Achievers Academy
Author of Get What You Want and Leadership Soup

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